Long Middle School

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  • Bevo-Long Community Education Full Service School

    This is one of ten such centers in the City of St. Louis public school district. The boundaries of the Bevo community are: Arsenal, Grand, south city limits, and Kingshighway.  

    Location: Long Middle School, 5028 Morganford Road, 63116
    Principal: Brenda Smith
    Phone: 481-3440
    Enrollment: 239 students
    Community Ed Specialist: Patrice Crotty
    Phone: 353-1034

    Feeder Schools:

    Buder Elementary School, 5319 Landsdowne, 63109
    Principal:  Dr. Sally Bloom
    Phone:  352-4343
    Enrollment:  407

    Oak Hill Elementary, 4300 Morganford Road, 63116
    Principal: Hollie Russell-West
    Phone: 481-0420
    Enrollment: 341 students

    Woerner Elementary, 6131 Leona Street, 63116
    Principal: Margaret Meyer
    Phone: 481-8585
    Enrollment: 403 students

    Woodward Elementary School, 725 Bellerive, 63111
    Principal:  Kimberly Austin
    Phone:  353-1346
    Enrollment:  330